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Join the City of Naples and the Collier County Veterans Council in honoring American Heroes whose sacrifice has made America the greatest Nation on Earth
A Holliday for, and Benefiting Wounded Veterans and Purple Hearts
You and your family will be inspired by Joel Tavera, John Doody, and Heroes whose testimonials give cause to celebrate make America GREATER
6th annual Everglades Airboat Outing and Holiday for Heroes
Naples Beach Club Resort
Feb 3,4,5, 2017
Friday: Green flash sunset reception
Saturday: Fishing 7am-2pm
5pm Stone Crab Feast for Heroes
Appropriate Contribution suggested (Purple Hearts - free)
Sunday: Air boating
Information: 239 404-7481
Gary (Huck) Kluckhuhn

Contact: 239-404-7481 info@lightshipnetworks.org

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