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About Lightship: Our Genesis

Though officially formed in response to the crisis faced by Hurricane Katrina survivors, Lightship Networks has been in conceptual development for some time. Its roots go back at least 30 years, to early efforts to provide better housing and care options for elders. Lightship?unders have spent decades involved in research, advocacy, and services for elders as well as people of all ages challenged with disabilities and frailties. All have extensive, personal experience with the challenges of disability-either in terms of their own struggles with a condition, caring for a stricken family member, or in helping hundreds of people with disabilities professionally over many years.

Lightship Networks also owes its existence to the wealth of experiences, contributions and expertise gained from many other initiatives, organizations and enterprises, past and present, among them:

  • The Center for Assisted Living Innovation, founded at Florida Gulf Coast University, with invaluable contributions from the colleges of Health Professions, Professional Studies, and Business
  • TheSouthwest Florida Center for Positive Aging
  • The HALO Coalition and HALO Expo,
  • Sunrise Communities of Florida, serving the developmentally disabled
  • Centers for Independent Living
  • The at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America
  • Florida Green Building Coalition
  • , a leading rehabilitation technology provider
  • Nautical Structures, an innovator in accessible boating and recreation
  • Jewel Building Systems, a leading alternative building system innovator
  • AK Steel, a world-leader and innovator in high-tech rolled-steel production

Contact: 239-404-7481  info@lightshipnetworks.org