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Accessible, affordable housing ranks high on the list of critical needs for people with disabilities and frailties. To properly address this housing crisis, homes need to be constructed and delivered rapidly and cost-effectively, while still maintaining high quality, sturdiness, and durability. These living environments should have the versatility to meet the requirements of families as they change over time, and of people in virtually any stage or condition of life.

To this end, Lightship Networks is helping develop an innovative program to dramatically increase the availability of high quality affordable housing that intrinsically accommodates individuals and families with disabilities. The program involves Lightship-orchestrated collaboration between innovative builders and building system providers with leading non-profit housing organizations. The housing will incorporate rapid, cost-effective, quality-controlled, centralized construction utilizing high strength-to-weight-ratio materials in a modular design, allowing for exceedingly strong yet highly transportable units featuring modularity that can be arranged and combined into several configurations. Every unit will also feature inbuilt accessibility and universal design, assistive technology options, and green building certification. Finally, the design will also be architecturally flexible in terms of style and aesthetics, allowing it to blend into many different settings.

Lightship Homes - 24 Units

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Contact: 239-404-7481  info@lightshipnetworks.org